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Its one of the greatest features is letting you put in a range of various Kodi Addons that will open up a completely new world of content streaming for your media player.
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VPN for gaming

best VPN works by encrypting all your internet or gaming traffic and then securely tunneling it to a server of your choice. This VPN server spoofs your real IP address and gives you a new one. The IP address you get belongs to the region where the server is located. The result of all this is that your connection is secured, and you gain a new online identity. You no longer access the internet directly through your ISP server but through a VPN server.
Why do I need a VPN for gaming?
Whether you play online or not, there are many reasons why you should consider using a VPN for Gaming. Here’s a list of the most important ones:
Access geo-specific content
Some games can only be downloaded or played online when you are in a particular region. For example, if you are in Asia and want to access a game only available in the US, you would need to connect to a VPN’s US server.

Get games early

Various games have different release dates depending on your location. For example, if a game is being released in France before you can access it in your region, you may change your online identity location and connect to a French VPN server. This allows you to see the internet as if you were actually in France.
Reduce Ping Times & Lag
As an online gamer, you need a stable connection with low latency. A poor connection can be the difference between life and death, especially if you are playing a game that has bullets flying at you like COD. With a best VPN, you can connect to a server close to the source gaming server, which will reduce your latency. However, you need to use a fast VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPNto avoid getting slow speeds.
Protect yourself from DDoS attacks
Competitive gaming is prone to Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS), where your IP address is used to bring your connection down. These kinds of attacks are usually carried out to make you lose the game but can also have other disastrous effects. This is a huge security risk that can easily be avoided with a secure VPN.

Play multiplayer games in any region

When you want to play online, most games normally connect you to players in your region, depending on your IP address. If you wish to play against opponents from a different region, you need to change your online identity with a VPN.
Avoid ISP throttling
Some ISPs usually throttle your internet when they notice that you’ve been transferring a lot of data. Playing online games is data intensive, and when you get throttled, a VPN can overcome all restrictions placed on your connection by the ISP.
Stay private & secure your data
A VPN with a strict zero logs policy and robust security like Express Best VPN ensures that you can conduct your online activities without the spying eyes of your ISP and government. A game console itself can pose relatively little data risk, but if you play online on your smartphone, you definitely need a VPN. Data theft from mobile phones is quite easy especially when connected to public wifi hotspots, most of which shouldn’t be trusted. With a secure VPN, you won’t have to worry about data theft, and you’ll be able to remain private.

?Do all gaming platforms support VPNs

A best VPN can be used for all gaming platforms. However, some can’t have a VPN installed directly. Most of the top VPNs provide client apps for almost all platforms. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and various routers. If you use any of the above to play games, then you can install a VPN for gaming.
However, if you own a console, you can only install a VPN indirectly through a DD-WRT router. If you are techy enough, you can configure the VPN by yourself on a compatible router. Otherwise, you can buy a pre-configured VPN router. For example, ExpressVPN has a section where they suggest you the best VPN routers that you can buy through Amazon. They also give you instructions on how to install a best VPN on your router.
With a VPN router, you can use the VPN connection on all your devices, or the ones you choose thanks to split tunneling, a feature you can also find with ExpressVPN


How to choose the best VPN for gaming

Gaming is not a light-weight task, and you therefore need to consider a VPN carefully before you purchase it. Otherwise, you might end up not using the VPN. To make sure you choose the best VPN for gaming, here are some factors that you need to consider:
All secure VPNs tend to slow down your speeds by a certain percentage. However, some VPNs are generally faster than others thanks to better architecture and many high-bandwidth servers.
You need a VPN that provides VPN clients for almost all your gaming platforms. This means a  best VPN client for your computer, smartphone, and router.

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